Friday, January 27, 2012

I am leaving three weeks from today. As in, 21 days from right now, we will likely be waiting in the D.C. airport for our plane to take off and fly us halfway across the world and land in Qatar. Q-A-T-A-R! Who in the world ever would have thought that I'd ever have a ticket in my name that stops me in Qatar? I sure didn't. But here are some random things going through my head as I think about the fact that the trip is a mere 21 days away.

- I have an entire research paper to complete before I leave. Oh snap.
- I also have 6 books to finish reading before I leave and 4 book reviews to write.
- Faithgirlz is the week before we leave. I will genuinely have to batten down the hatches, spiritual warfare wise.
- Pondering the fact that last April before my trip to Nicaragua, God allowed my heart to be shattered into a billion pieces. This time, it was Christmas time that brought another breaking to my poor lil' heart - just a scant two months before this trip to Nepal. Probably not coincidental to be emotional bankrupted before i leave, but good grief. I thought God didn't do things the same way twice? Apparently I was wrong about that too.
- No chance anyone out there has a SLR Camera they'd let me take to Nepal? I really want to take some decent pictures and I don't have a camera.
- I'm tired. Really tired. Between the schoolwork, the broken heart and life stuffs, I'm just tired. All the time tired.
- It's time to start wondering how cold it is going to be there. And I'm beginning to wonder how I'll cope if it's colder than I'm prepared for. And how do I pack 10 days of warm enough clothing into a hiking backpack/carry on?
- Other than to update the Nepal Facebook page daily, I'm removing myself from social media for the duration of these 21 days. I just need the head-space away from the heartbreak, the inundation of thoughts and such before we leave.
- I am so thankful for people praying for me and our team. I know God is really and truly at work.
- My "Words with Friends" games are going to be lonesome without me for ten days.
- I wonder if I'll be able to turn off Marxist and liberal histories as well as Holocaust history when I leave the country. Maybe I won't and maybe that's a good thing....perhaps I'll have a different perspective on what I experience.
- It's still dry here. God is still mostly silent as I wait listening for Him. But Im not giving up hope. Jon Acuff wrote a blog not long ago that has been ringing in my ears steadily on repeat lately. You can read it here. I'm banking on the fact that maybe God is preparing some awesome party for me and my team either in Nepal or when we return. That's the kind of God I serve and I am fighting tooth and nail to not give up on that. I'm also praying He won't' let me down.
- I wonder if the Jet Lag is really as bad as I've been told that it is. Either way, jumping right back into classes from this trip ought to be fun for my profs and classmates. They've been warned.
- Glorious awesome from my world, one of the school books I have to read while I'm gone is available on Nook book so I can download it and not have to lug a 600 page, 10 pound textbook with me. :) Praise Jesus for little things!
- Let's see if I can update this blog everyday for the next 21days. Yikes. Another assignment! :)
- There's more, I'm head is banging with mental clutter, but all in is all for today.

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