Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Why this blog?
It's for you! My sweet friends, brothers and sisters in Christ who are supporting and praying me through the trip to Nepal and whatever else God has for me in this life. February 2012 is coming soon and I am excited about what God is letting me be part of at the Trust Home via Blue Ridge. (www.blue-ridge.org) I want to be able to keep you up to date on fund updates, what God is clearing in my heart, what life looks like as I prepare. Please subscribe to the RSS feed or keep an eye on the Nepal FB page I created! 

Why the name of the blog?
It might seem arbitrary, but I was praying through what God is doing in me lately and the song "Orphans, Kingdoms" by Brooke Fraser always bubbles to the surface. I love this song and I love the lyrics - where the blog title comes from "We are wondering where the wild wind blows...we are happy here cuz the wild wind blows...what we are...Orphans, Kingdoms..." And I am happy here, where the Wild, unexpected wind of God blows. I lean hard into that wind, and I want it strong on my face. 

Keep your eyes open for more posts!

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